Turn Left, Turn Right

Hello blog family!

I have been in Szeged a little over a week now, and I am absolutely loving it. I have made some great new friends, and started to figure out my not-so-little city. With that comes the exhaustion on living cross-culturally and the excitement of finally making my new home feel like home.

My flat has a gate outside of it that everyone that comes in to the church office (my flat is above them) must go through to get in or out. So, naturally, this gate has become part of my every day life. I open the gate step out and turn….. left. Always left, never right. To the left, there are countless grocery stores, ice cream shops, vegetable stands, the mall, the market, pharmacies, the McDonalds (lol), alright, you get it. Literally everything that I need on a day to day basis is to the left.

So, out I go, maybe glancing to the right to make sure there isn’t a bike headed my way, and turn to the left. I often wonder what is to the right, my roommate says that the river isn’t far from us, but I’m scared to venture that way because I don’t want to get lost.

Once I realized this, I sat with it for a minute, and came to the conclusion that this is the point of this year. I am supposed to get lost, and to not know what to do all the time. I am supposed to turn right even though turning left is so much more comfortable. I realized that I was so comfortable in my life back home. I knew where everything was, I could understand everything, and I never had to do anything outside of my comfort zone. But here, this YAGM year is designed to put me outside of my comfort zone. To let me get lost to teach me how to find my way back home. To test my abilities and my willingness to just try.

I hope that I can really let myself turn right this year. I hope that I seek out ways to put myself to the test. I hope that I learn how to not always have the answers. I hope that I learn that doing things doesn’t always have to be for an output, but instead doing things is just a way of being present.

My hope for myself and everyone reading this is that you also challenge yourself to turn right in your life. There could be a whole world for you to explore by just simply shifting your perspective. It is hard to break out of our American routines of comfort, but I hope that I and all my friend and family reading this blog, have the courage to turn right. It could really change your life forever.

On the left side of the picture is the path my flat is on. From this view, straight would be turning right.

3 thoughts on “Turn Left, Turn Right”

  1. You’re doing great. Looks like a nice city to explore. Turn Right. Go to the river, Go to the museum of Natural History.
    I found you on Google Maps 🙂
    Szegedi Evangélikus Gyülekezet
    Szeged, Tisza Lajos krt. 16, 6720 Hungary
    7543+H9 Szeged, Hungary


  2. “Turning right” and stepping outside of our comfort zone is challenging no matter where you are. And my guess is that very few of us ever find the courage to do it. Good for you Ally – congratulations and I’m proud of you. Even if you only go a half a block at a time as you turn right, you will grow. Blessings and much love. Know you are in my prayers.


  3. Well… you made me cry AGAIN‼️ I am so PROUD of you🙏🏻 As you know, I NEVER turn right😮. It is too scary and I am NOT adventurous…. you are teaching me things…. isn’t that backwards????
    I guess I have to FINALLY admit you are growing up ( 😂😂). I LOVE YOU 🍭👶🌞🌻


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